Healthy Habits for a Stronger Marriage

Hall of Fame basketball coach John Wooden once said, “The best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.” I didn’t fully grasp the meaning of this quote until I was doing a seminar entitled “The Family Matrix” at a summer camp for high school students. I started the session Read More

60 Questions to Ask Instead of “How was your day?”

Four thousand six hundred and eighty-two. That is about the number of days that I sent my kids off to school over the years. And at the end of each school day, as they walked in the back door, I would ask them the same question, “How was your day?” Typically, I got one of Read More

Surviving Your Teen’s Communication Blackout

When he was six years old, he would come home from school and share every detail of his day. He talked about the turtles in the terrarium; the book the librarian read to the class; what his friend ate at lunch; the game they played at recess; the girl in his class who had the Read More

Is Being Happy Enough?

Over the years as I have talked to parents, I’ve asked them what they believe most parents in America want for their kids. The most common response is that they “want their children to be happy.” If you were to ask that question to parents in Japan, studies say that most parents would want their Read More

When Your Voice Gets Lost in a World of Noise

A while back I did a little experiment with a group of high school students that ended up teaching me a valuable lesson in parenting. We simply wanted to see how difficult it could be for kids to do the right thing when there are multitudes of opposing voices. So I asked four volunteers to Read More

When Kids Learn to Love Mercy

We were still waiting for one 7th grade girl and were now behind schedule. “Has anyone seen Jessica?” I called out to the group of middle school campers. They were loading their luggage on the buses as we prepared for the weeklong summer camp. “Jessica is still in the car. I don’t think she is Read More

Best Friends Forever…Usually Aren’t

Okay, I know that sounds harsh, but this truth is actually a good thing! There are people who develop life-long friendships that started when they were children, but this is a pretty rare experience. Friendships do change and most often for the better. When I was in junior high I had two best friends, Mark Read More

Great Expectations

The dentist’s office called changing her son’s appointment from tomorrow to today at 3:30 pm. Mary was thrilled because she just found out she had an important meeting the following day.   Her son usually arrived home a little after 3:00 pm, in plenty of time for the dental appointment. But today, he wasn’t home Read More

Cultivating Generations of Faith

A few weeks ago one of my sons ask me about our family history. He is planning a trip to Ireland and wanted to know if we had any relatives that had come from there. I’m pretty sure he was hoping to find some distant cousin who might put him up for a night or Read More

Excessive Worry

I had finished the weekend chores and had just sat down to relax when my 8-year old son Dan came in and asked if he could go out and ride his bike. Right away our 4-year old ran in the room and said that he wanted to go too. I hesitated at first since Tim Read More

Family Fest Retreats