Thermostat or Thermometer? What’s Your Attitude?

On one of the hottest days of this summer, my air-conditioner quit working. The fan was blowing, but only warm air blew from the vents. I called a friend who repairs air-conditioners for a living. Because of the heat wave, he was swamped and said he wouldn’t be able to look at it for a Read More

I Have No Margin

I just had a life changing experience. At least I hope my life will be changed by it. I’m building a twenty-six foot retaining wall in my front yard. A concrete saw rental was necessary. I was determined to save $35 and get the saw returned within the hourly rental time. I made my last Read More

Don’t Wish It Away

Don’t wish it away. The mess. The noise. The lack of sleep. The hectic schedule. The nagging to get homework done. The driving across town to bring a kid to practice. The macaroni and cheese dinners. Don’t wish it away. Someday you will wonder, “Where did it go?” Over the past few weeks I have Read More

Faith does not deny disapointment

They stood in front of me in the check out line. The dad was unloading groceries from the cart onto the conveyer belt. I heard his daughter ask him if she could have a candy bar. I would guess that this same scene plays itself out everyday in that same line. The father gently said Read More

I’ve got your back – to provide a united front

I’ve Got Your Back   A few weeks ago our family went to Florida for spring break. Apparently, a lot of other people were trying to escape this long, cold winter because it was crowded! One day we were relaxing by the pool. Next to us was a family with two boys who were about Read More

Family Fest Retreats