Committed to Getting You There!

We understand that coming to a Winter Weekend or Summer Splash family camp is a stretch for some families. The Family Fest board has worked hard this past year to give families “A Little Boost” to help get you there.

Thanks to many caring families, as well as grants from the Betsy McCormack Foundation and the Richard M. Schulze Foundation, Family Fest has a way to help get more families to camp.

We will not ask you to verify or explain your situation to get this discount. We trust that your need is real. Since these funds are coming from various grants, we would ask that you fill out a short survey after camp regarding your experience. These surveys will be shared with the foundations that have donated the funds and will allow us to apply for funds in the future.

A Little Boost Scholarship Form

Camper Scholarship Request
  • Family Information

  • You can determine the amount you are eligible for by looking at your family size and income in the chart above.
  • Feel free to let us know if there are any special circumstances or other information that would be helpful for us to know.
    Please let us know your registration status.


Payment Plans

You may also spread your camp payments out over the year. Simply drop us an email or letter letting us know how much you’d like to pay and at what intervals.

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