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Family Fest Testimonials

"We make time every Sunday during football season for games. During baseball season we line up our afternoons and evenings accordingly. During Thanksgiving we prepare for family. When do we prepare the let Christ into our lives? Family Fest protects at least one week a year for you and your family to take the time to think, pray and share faith in a way that just doesn't happen when you are at home."

"Through Family Fest, I’ve learned God is not one-sided. He loves us unconditionally, no matter what’s happened in our past. And it’s absolutely okay to be vulnerable because we have nothing to prove. I think of Family Fest like a reception gone wild in the hands of faith. Everyone is invited to the reception! No matter your story — if you have questions, doubts, sorrow, joy — you will feel welcomed. There’s no judgment, just an invitation that says, 'Come as you are and enjoy the party!'”


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