Fundraising Guidelines for Family Fest Ministries

The ministry of Family Fest belongs to God. One of the ways we can discern the Lord's will regarding the continuation of our work is through the support He sends (or doesn't send) from His people. Therefore, during lean times we will make our obligations known to our friends but we will never resort to what we consider to be disrespectful and dishonorable methods of fund-raising, even when the needs are serious.

We believe that the way an organization handles itself in the financial arena is a reflection of its integrity in every arena. Family Fest uses the following stewardship guidelines:

  • We will ask people not to support Family Fest or any other Christian program until their obligations to the local church have been met.
  • We will not operate the ministry at a deficit. Although from time to time it is necessary to borrow funds for capital expenditures, we will seek to repay the loans as soon as possible.
  • We consider the contributions we receive to be sacrificial gifts; sent from loving people who have sacrificed to make their gifts possible. Our obligation, therefore, is to spend that money conservatively and wisely in continuing the ministry. Every penny is stretched as far as possible to serve the needs of today's families.
  • We will receipt all donations.
  • When we make a purchase, we will pay the invoice within 30 days, if possible. We do not intend to use the vendor's money.
  • We will not try to raise more money than we need.
  • We will never sell or rent our mailing list to those wishing to use the names and addresses of our supporters.

To summarize, we are committed to being good stewards of the gifts that are given to Family Fest for the ministry to families.

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