Family Fest Mission

Building Strong Families of Faith

Family Fest is a Christ-centered, multi-denominational ministry focused on strengthening families and marriages.

We present a variety of family camps, couple's retreats, youth retreats, presentations, family service opportunities, and cooperative church programs to help families bring their Christian faith into everyday life.

Families of faith 4-E's Enrich,-Equip,-Empower,-Embrace



Our vision is to reach out to families, to nurture their lives of faith by giving them time together to love and better understand God and each other.


Jesus Christ, as our Lord and God, is the center of all we do, our source for all love, wisdom, peace, and hope that we seek to bring into the lives of all our ministry touches.

Biblically Based:

The word of God in the Bible is our authority and direction, and we seek to follow His will in all we do.


The ministry of Family Fest includes all who seek to know and follow Jesus Christ as Lord. Our programs focus on what we have in common in the body of Christ, as we seek to collaborate with churches on faith-nurturing activities for families, marriages, and youth.

Servant Leadership:

Family Fest is a ministry by families, to families, encouraging and equipping volunteers to share in the ministry of Jesus Christ in their own way, in their daily life and family.

Innovative & Passionate:

Family Fest seeks to provide the best that God offers in our programs and message, with an emphasis on excellence, fun, and expanding family ministry so that God’s work through us is exciting and inviting to all. Since 1997, Family Fest has had a significant impact on families through our Winter Weekend Family Retreats, Summer Splash Family Camps, and Marriage Booster Retreats.

Faith Statement

The ministry of Family Fest shares the Christian faith message that Jesus Christ is Lord of our lives. He invites us into a personal relationship with Him and asks us to respond in faith to commit our lives to Him. Coming together from many Christian denominations; we seek to love, worship and serve God.

Family Fest Retreats