Quotes from couples about Marriage Booster Retreats

Family Fest has been strengthening marriages since 2003 for thousands of couples. Following each retreat, we ask couples to give us their feedback. Over 97% rank the overall retreat as Very Good or Excellent. More important to us is the comments we receive on the evaluations. See what others are saying about the retreat!


"A must-do for EVERY COUPLE! Inspiring and a great time!"

"Much more fun than I expected. Enriching, restorative, and a great investment in our marriage."

"The Marriage Booster gave us a whole new perspective on our relationship.”

"We loved getting couple time! Was unsure what to expect, but this was amazing!"

"The Marriage Booster was a full and fun, single day of ideas and tools for a relationship renewal. Comfortable and so sweet to our spouses.

"Insightful. Great time alone to talk with my spouse about topics normally don't talk about."

"It was a fantastic way to reconnect with my husband. Thank you for making this retreat accessible and affordable. Every couple whether newly married or married for many years can benefit from this retreat."

"My takeaway was to reconnect with your spouse before it's too late. We reconnected at the retreat and turned our marriage around in the right direction! Thank you!"

"Every Couple should do this!"

"The Marriage Booster helped facilitate important conversations in a low-pressure way."

“I was skeptical going into the Marriage Booster Retreat but am leaving recharged and revived.”

"I came out of this retreat feeling more inspired to open my heart and mind to my husband and GOD!"

"It added another ingredient for an everlasting marriage!.....BAM!"

"We finally reconnected! Thank you!"

"We almost gave up, but one day at the Marriage Booster saved us from missing out on many more days together."

"I am even more committed now to making our marriage not only "work" but grow and be a good example for our children."

"Keep doing what you folks at Family Fest are doing!"

"Loved it! It was very refreshing for us!"

"God-focused and Intentional."

"The Marriage Booster Retreat reminds me what a great blessing God gave me when my husband & I committed our lives to each other."

"Wonderful Experience!! A great investment in our marriage!"

"Fantastic Bonding Exercise!"

"We haven't talked this much in months!!"

"Renewed hope and that it opened my husband's eyes and heart to say he loved me again. THANK YOU! AWESOME!"

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