Couples attending a Marriage Booster Retreat

Marriage Booster Retreat for Churches

Revitalize the Marriages in your Church
Couples at a Marriage Booster Retreat
Couples at a Marriage Booster Retreat
Pete Larson presenting at a Marriage Booster Retreat

What is it going to take to really vitalize the couples in your church? Is it a video series? A book suggestion? A one-time speaker? Probably not! We think that we have just what you have been looking for!

Over 20 Years of Experience! Since 2003, Family Fest leading marriage retreats in Minnesota and beyond. We have been partnering with churches to provide a meaningful, faith-filled, powerful, and fun day for couples that is truly making an impact. The best part is that you don't have to send your couples away to have this experience. The Marriage Booster Retreat comes to your church!

A Retreat for Couples at All Stages of Marriage - The one-day retreat will have a huge impact on marriages in your church. The Marriage Booster is an interactive day of laughter, meaningful conversations, and down to earth practical teaching for couples at all stages of marriage. Couples have time to talk one-on-one about topics such as communication, expectations, conflict, parenting, sex and intimacy, priorities, faith, and more in a comfortable and non-threatening atmosphere.

Booking Your Retreat is Easy and Affordable - Family Fest makes it easy for you to host a Marriage Booster Retreat. You provide a space and promote the event — and we do the rest. This means you get the rare gift of a ministry event you can participate in, not lead. We would love to talk with you about bringing a Marriage Booster Retreat to your church.

Angi Sweet, staff member at Connections Church, had this to say about hosting a retreat at her church. "Hosting this event was so easy! Family Fest Ministries really did everything. The welcome packet we received was all inclusive and provided all the information we needed to prepare and market the retreat. The staff was so friendly and available with all the random questions I had. They provided all the materials. The event felt very professional and well put together. We can't wait to host another Marriage Booster Retreat in the future."

Booking a Marriage Booster retreat is easy and affordable. The base fee for this retreat is only $1750 (for the first 25 couples - then $30 per couple after the first 25). If the retreat is outside the Twin Cities Metro Area, expenses may be added.

To find out more about bringing the Marriage Booster Retreat to your church or community, contact Family Fest at 952.881.0939.

Marriage Booster Retreat Video for Churches

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Marriage Booster Retreat Presenters

The Marriage Booster Presenters will give couples real, practical, and faith-filled ideas that will help them grow stronger in their marriage.

Presenter Pete Larson

Pete Larson

Beth Ulrich photo

Beth Ulrich

Megan Yates

To learn more about the Marriage Booster Retreat for churches, or to find an open date for your retreat, contact us at 952.881.0939 or email us at: We'd love to talk with you about helping you make a deep impact on the marriages in your church. To view a list of current and past Marriage Booster Retreat Partners, Click Here.

Marriage Booster Retreat Promotional Materials

If your church has booked a Marriage Booster and would like to download promotional materials, click here.

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