Saturday, November 18th, 2017 ~ 9:15am to 4:45pm at the Dan Patch – Heritage Event Center, Bloomingon, MN

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The retreat that is more like a health club than a hospital for your marriage!™

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When was the last time you and your spouse had time to really focus on each other and the issues that touch your marriage? That is is exactly what a Family Fest Marriage Retreat will help you do.

Imagine a day where you can laugh, reconnect, and talk deeply with the most important person in your life. Join us on this wonderfully powerful and romantic retreat for couples.

This is a marriage retreat like no other! The Marriage Booster Retreat is an interactive and unique experience. Prepare yourself for fun, laughter, thought-provoking dialogue, and some very special musical entertainment.

Don’t fear… you won’t be sharing your lives with others on the retreat. The deep sharing will be between you and your spouse. We’ll look at communication, intimacy and sex, dealing with conflict, money, parenting, emotional needs, and more.


Cost: There is no set fee for the Marriage Retreat. Our goal is that every couple, regardless of their financial situation be able to attend this retreat. At the end of the retreat, each couple will get an envelope and can make a donation that fits their budget. The suggested donation this marriage retreat per couple is $140. We are very grateful to those whom God has blessed who are able to give more so that we can continue making this retreat affordable to all.

Get ready for a day that will boost your marriage! We look forward to seeing you!

To register today, click on the Retreat Registration below. It is fast and easy to sign-up. Feel free to invite other couples to experience this day with you. This can be a great resource for couple’s bible study groups.


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