Supporting a Grieving Friend

Walking With A Friend Who Has Lost Someone Special – by Pete Larson When you have a friend who has lost a loved one, it’s difficult to know how to best love and support them. Grief is a complex process, and sometimes, the best way to comfort someone is through your presence and understanding rather Read More

Building Spiritually Solid Families

Foundations: Building Spiritually Solid Families

-By Pete Larson – Family Fest Ministries Did you know that children who have an active spiritual relationship with God are far less likely to be depressed or engage in dangerous behavior? According to “The Spiritual Child” by Lisa Miller, PHD, new scientific studies show that spiritual kids are more fulfilled, experience more success, and Read More

faith-filled children skiing with instructor

The Five-Year-old Apologetic

-by Pete Larson – Family Fest Ministries I’m skiing with some friends in Colorado. It’s mid-afternoon and my legs are on fire. I realize that I probably should have done more quad exercises before I tried to ski three days in a row. I’m at the chairlift waiting for my friends to catch up to Read More

Out Of The Comfort Zone

Out of the Comfort Zone

Living Safe Given the choice, I tend to lean into my comfort zone. That place that is safe, familiar and predictable. Where decisions are easy and infrequent. Where I know the names of the streets and the people around me. I gravitate to that place where the risks are small and security is great. But Read More


Capturing the Milestone Moment of Graduation

“Do you think you could walk ten miles?” That was the question that I asked my son as he was about to graduate from high school and begin college. Over the years I’ve witnessed countless milestone moments in his life. I remember him taking his first steps. His first lost tooth. First communion. Learning to Read More

Getting through to strong-willed children

Getting Through to Your Strong-Willed Child

The battle of wills started as soon as they arrived. The family was just trying to sit down before church began. But their five-year-old didn’t like the seats his mom and dad had chosen. He wanted to sit in another row. “This row is fine,” his mom assured him. But it wasn’t…because he didn’t want Read More

Healthy Habits for a Stronger Marriage, couple having coffee together

Healthy Habits for a Stronger Marriage

Find out what some of the most popular habits that successful couples share. Take a look at these and see if any of these might be a good fit for you and your spouse.

learning to be grateful for the chaos

Grateful for the Chaos

The fullness of life is right now! Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Don’t wish the chaos of life away. Be grateful. Someday you’ll wonder, where did it go?

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