Summer Splash Housing & Rates

Summer Splash Housing Options

At Summer Splash you will have some different housing options to choose from. These choices are broken down into five different tiers and have five different rates. We will do our best to accommodate your housing choice. If your housing choice is unavailable, we can either put you in available housing or place you on a waiting list. If you need more information, please call Family Fest at 952.881.0939.

Note: Children 2 and under are half price.

Scholarships: Family Fest is committed to working very hard to make sure that every family who would like to attend Summer Splash be able to do so regardless of their financial circumstances. This is possible because of the generous donations of individuals and families who contribute to our scholarship fund. If finances are preventing you from attending Summer Splash, please contact us to see how we might be able to help you. (Not available for Tier 1 or 2 housing requests except in special circumstances).

Housing Policy: We are very happy to have couples who are dating or engaged join us at Summer Splash, but please note that we do not house people of the opposite gender, who are not related, in the same room. We will accommodate you as best we can to put you near each other.

First-Time Families: If this is your first time coming to a Summer Splash or Winter weekend you will receive a $100 discount for each adult in your family.

2024 Summer Splash Housing Tiers & Rates

There are five different housing options to choose from. Each of these has a different rate. This rate includes housing, meals and program. (Off-site activities such as golf, go-carting, etc. that you may do during family free time are not included in this rate.)


Tier One

Tier One Housing: Deluxe Cabin with Kitchen: 2-bedroom units with living room and either a kitchenette or kitchen & a front porch, (sleeps 4-7). Many units have a hide-a-bed in the living room. Some units have air conditioning as a bonus. Rates: Adults=$650, Children $195



Tier Two

Tier Two Housing: New Lakeside Ridge Deluxe Cabins without Kitchen. These 2 bedroom units have room for 7. They come with a small fridge, microwave, coffee pot and air conditioning. Rates for Tier Two are $580 per adult and $185 per child.



Tier Three

Tier Three Housing: Lodge Room - with A/C. (sleeps 2-5). Rooms are connected to the main lodge and dining hall. Rates for Tier Two are $480 per adult and $175 per child.

Tier Four

Tier Four Housing: Traditional Cabin with Kitchen - Studio and 1-2 bedroom cabins. While these are older cabins, they are still very nice, clean cabins. Some have a mini-kitchen and some with a small living room, (sleeps 2-6).  Rates for Tier Four are $380 per adult and $150 per child.

Tier Five

Tier Five Housing: Traditional 1-2 bedroom cabins without Kitchen. Some have a mini-kitchen. 1-2 bedroom cabins. (sleeps 2-6). Rates for Tier Five are $350 per adult and $150 per child. Note: We have a limited number of Tier 5 housing for families who have a tight budget. If Tier 5 housing is not available, we will move you to Tier 4.





Tier Five RV Campground.  Bring your own RV or camper trailer and stay amidst the pine trees overlooking the wetland area. Eight tarred drive-thru RV campsites with full hookups (water, electricity, and sewer) and five tarred camper trailer sites with full hookups are available. Modern restrooms with showers are located nearby. Rates for Tier Five are $350 per adult and $150 per child





Camp Rates:

The rates for Summer Splash depend upon the housing you choose and the family size. Refer to the table below to determine your rates. Note: Children 2 and under are half price.

Tier One Rates: Adults = $650, Children = $195

Tier Two Rates: Adults = $580, Children = $185

Tier Three Rates: Adults = $480, Children = $175

Tier Four Rates: Adults = $380, Children = $150

Tier Five Rates: Adults = $350, Children = $150


KC Rate: $150

Young Adult Rate: $250 (Young Adults are 30 or younger who are not part of the KC Ministry)


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