What does it mean to be a Kid's Counselor (KC)?

Family Fest Winter Weekend KC Program

Our family retreats could not happen without the incredible work and dedication of our high school and college age Kid's Counselors (KCs) and Teachers. The KCs are the heart and soul of Winter Weekend.

As leaders, KCs are role models for kids infants to 16 years as they work together to run a fun, nurturing program that teaches about Jesus through stories games, arts and crafts, music, and scripture.

If you are interested in making a positive impact on younger kids, as you also grow in your own faith, we would love for you to consider being a KC or a Teacher at Family Fest’s Winter Weekend Family Camps in January and/or February.

*Teachers are selected from our college and young adult leaders.

Winter Weekend KCs

Who Can Apply?

KC applicants for Winter Weekend must be in 10th grade or older. Occasionally we have extra need and will take 9th grade students if there is room. Priority will go to applicants whose families register for camp by December 15th.   The cost to be a KC is $125. If you need help with this you can contact Pete Larson regarding the Randy Willmert/Bobo Burns Memorial KC Scholarship.

How to Apply?

Click the button "Click to Apply" to get the application and medical release form.

When Will You be Notified?

You will be notified by email regarding acceptance to the Winter Weekend KC program. The number of KCs needed will depend on how many families with kids sign up.

KC Training

There is a mandatory KC training for each weekend that takes place on Sunday, February 12 for the February Winter Weekend. The training meeting will be at the home of Barb Harmon, 5304 Glengarry Parkway, Edina, MN from 2pm to 4pm.

Frequently Asked KC Questions

Q. Can someone apply to be a KC if their family is not attending Winter Weekend?

A. Yes, they can apply, but know that KCs whose family is coming will get first priority for spots.

Q. Do KCs stay with their parents at camp?

A. KCs do not stay with parents during the weekend, but rather with the other KCs and teachers on property.

Q. How much free time will KCs have during the weekend?

A. KCs will have a fairly busy schedule serving the kids programs or doing KC activities and training. There is some afternoon free time that allows KCs to hang together or with their families.

Q. Will the KCs get to spend time with their own family during the weekend?

A. You will see each other during the all group events and at meals. There will be one lunch where KCs will eat with their families. In addition, there may be some afternoon free time where you can be together.

Q. Will there be any training prior to the retreat?

A. Yes. We will have a mandatory training meeting. These meetings will be held the Sunday before each weekend.

Q. What if I can't be there the whole time?

A. It is important that KCs be there for the entire weekend as we don't have room to bring extra KCs. Please choose a weekend that works the whole time for you. Thanks.

Q. Who will lead the KCs?

A. The KCs will be lead each weekend by adults who have a great passion for working with high school and college students. They will help with the kid's programs as well as leading the KCs on their own spiritual adventure.

Q. Do we need to bring our own bedding, towels, etc?

A. Nope! All that is taken care of. KCs will be sent a list of everything that they should bring.

Q. Can 9th grade students apply to be a KC?

A. KCs are generally 10th grade and up. Occasionally we have need for more KCs and 9th graders can apply. Let us know if you are interested and we can tell you if we think there may be a need. Otherwise, 9th graders will be placed in the 9th grade program.

Q. What is the cost of being a KC?

A. The cost is $125. Scholarships are available.

Winter Weekend KCs
Winter Weekend families gather together
kids playng outside at Winter Weekend

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