Marriage Booster FAQs

Marriage Booster Retreat FAQs

How much does the Marriage Booster Retreat cost? It is our hope that every couple who would like to attend the Marriage Booster regardless of their ability to pay. Because of this, rather than have a set fee, we have a suggested donation of about $140 per couple.

Is lunch part of the retreat? Yes. About a week prior to your retreat Family Fest will email you with a link that will allow you to make a lunch selection. We will also have coffee, water and soft drinks available throughout the day.

Do we have to share personal things about our marriage with others? No you will not. The only sharing that you will have is with your spouse. Couples do engage in conversation during lunch and other times during the retreat, but it is not directed in any way.

Who leads the Marriage Booster Retreat? The Marriage Booster Retreat is a Christian marriage program that has been developed is led by Family Fest Ministries.

How long does the retreat go? The retreat usually starts around 9:15am and ends around 4:45pm. These times allow for couples who have children the opportunity to get them cared for before they leave, and also to get back for dinner. Many couples who have attended the Marriage Booster Retreat have found it very beneficial to continue their retreat by staying at a local hotel, or finding someone to care for their children so that they could be together for the evening at home. Several of these couples have encouraged us to recommend this to future participants. This is something you may want to consider.

What if we have to come late or leave early? We hope that they can make every effort to stay for the entire retreat. Not only for them to get the full impact of the retreat, but because it keeps the retreat running much smoother without interruption.

Do you have child care? Unfortunately we do not. We have tried to keep the retreat at a length that is short enough so that couples can find child care.

Is it okay to bring a nursing baby to the retreat? We would prefer that they make other arrangements for the baby. The retreat format is not really conducive to having a baby there as it can be disturbing to others, but it also takes away from your opportunity to get away.

How is the Christian Faith Incorporated into the Retreat? We realize that couples are at various places in their faith, and we are very sensitive to this. We will incorporate scripture and the Christian faith into the presentations and materials. There will be times of prayer during the retreat. We will talk about the impact that faith has in a marriage. That being said, we have had many participants who do not have a faith background and they have told us that it was very comfortable for them.

What if we have to cancel our registration? You have made a great commitment to yourselves and to your marriage. We truly hope that nothing interferes with your retreat plans. In addition, materials and meals have already been purchased for this retreat and it is important that we fill every spot. If for some reason you are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible. If you cancel within 24 hours of the start of the retreat, we would hope that you would make a donation just as if you had attended.

Where is the retreat held? The location of the next retreat is TBD.

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