Medical Issues, Allergies or Special Dietary Needs.

We understand that some people may have medical issues, allergies or special dietary needs.

Family Fest desires to meet the needs of everyone who comes to camp. It is important that we know about allergies or other pertinent medical information of children so we can alert the teachers and KC's. If you have a child with an allergy or medical condition, please fill out the Online Allergy & Medical Form for each child or adult if this applies.

We will do our best to meet those with special diet needs with substitute/alternate food options.

It is really helpful for us to have this form TWO WEEKS in advance so we can notify the camp. With certain dietary needs--including combinations of needs--you may be asked to provide your own food.

Please know we will do everything in our power to provide alternatives to those who need it. If you have other questions or needs, feel free to contact the Family Fest Ministries office directly at 952.881.0939.

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